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Monday, 26 April 2010


Sketchbook work for book illustrations

Economy brand food items

Disposable packaging

Kitchen objects

Specialist Shops- Food

Larderia in la Collonata


Palazzo Strozzi ironwork, Florence, Italy

Santa Maria Novella

Italian illustration from a book at the Palazzo Strozzi bookshop

Love padlocks, Florence, Italy


La Collonata, marble quarrying village in the mountains near Carrera

Public toilet donation box

Modified bench for use on steps

Good Friday offering in La Collonata church

La Collonata has a large amount of Lardo shops, many of which are Slow Food registered.
Lardo is cured pork fat rubbed in herbs that is prevalent in this area due the curing process that uses the local marble.

Fishermen on the pier at Forte di Marmi (Fort of Marble)

Moulin Roty products at a childrens shop



Fruit picking basket

Butcher's shop 
Hanging Jamon 

Cleaver in action

Specialist Shops - Tools and Implements

The d.i.y shop in Benissa, Spain

All purpose rubber buckets used around the house and in the building trade for things such as plastering and olive picking. The shape and surface texture is based on an original design woven from a natural dried grass material.

Co-operativa - the picture below shows a more traditional form of basket-weave surface design. This is by traditional artisans in Valencia, Spain 

Wooden cooking utensils in kitchen supply shop in Benissa Spain

An italian locksmith and ironmonger in Lucca, Italy

Cooking utensils shop window in Lucca, Italy


Terracotta tiles from a farmhouse in Benissa, Spain

Decorative tiles on the exterior of houses in the town centre of Benissa, Spain

A wall of terracotta tiles at the entrance to a house in Lucca, Italy