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Monday, 26 November 2012

Wooden flower maquette

Test piece for a larger series of work using drawings from observational studies of garden weeds.

Materials: plywood and household paint

Autumn Leaves

Life Drawing November 2012

Drawings on the Underground

'Big Draw, Big Make' at the V&A as part of 'the Big Draw 2012'

I went to the Big Draw with my mum in Autumn half term - no, it wasn't just meant for kids!
There were lots of great activities on offer incorporating different areas of drawing from cartoon artists to architectural practices.
Included are some photos of drawings made during a workshop run by the children's illustrator Petr Horacek. The activity was to create animal illustrations. Your chosen creature had to be doing some strange or was just in general something out of the ordinary.

My cat on skis

My mother's elephant nosed, winged girl

Drawing in Sussex

Drawings made during a recent trip to the family home in Sussex

the barn


dead bird (cat victim)

Illustrations for PhD studies

During the last year year I have illustrated two PhD Linguistics studies for students at UCL.
The first study (colour images was aimed at children) and the second used adult participants.

Study 1.

Study 2.

Drawings from Morocco

Some drawing made during my recent trip to Morocco

View down the swimming pool at our guest house in Taroudant

Mohammed Sharif - a man from the dessert who we met during our drive through the Atlas Mountains. 
He asked from some aspirin because he had been walking in the mountains all day!
A very interesting man- unfortunately he was travelling in a different direction to us

Mohammed Sharif and his two bags worth of belongings.
In Britain he would be called a homeless, in Morocco he would be considered a nomad

Cactus and ventilation tiling, Taroudant

View to the River

Rooftops and telephone masts, Essaouira

Cedar wood chair, Essaouira

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hand-painting in Morocco

During a recent trip to Morocco - my first ever to Africa I became slightly obsessed with taking photos of hand-painted signage and hand-painted surface design.
There is a series of work in there somewhere...

Ford truck undercarriage