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Friday, 23 November 2012

'Field Notes' competition and research trip

Back in May I entered a competition through Wrap magazine (http://www.wrapmagazine.com/).
This was a collaborative project between Wrap and Field notes who contributed a number of books.
I received this exciting package of goodies through the post!

The brief was to document a new endeavor through one of the Field Notes books and then return it to Wrap to be included in the next issue.

I chose to document a research trip for a picture book story I had started working on. This trip took me to the wilds of Dungeness in Kent. 
I booked myself into a B&B called 'the Watchtower' - once a Napoleonic lookout and spent two blissful days drawing and taking photographs.

The new lighthouse

The lighthouse lens

View from the old lighthouse

A house covered in rubber

Derek Jarman's cottage and garden

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